Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 2, 2012

Small House Under a Big Sky

I give credit for the name of this blog to singer Bonnie Raite and her song, “Longing in their Hearts.”

I was working in the papermalking studio beating daylilys and iris fibers in the beater – and pulling sheets of highly textured, handmade paper when this song came on the CD player. When I heard Raite sing the lyric, A Small House Under A Big Sky” I got the shivers and thought, that is where I live…

Living a creative life is a privilege. I live this privileged life where it’s more about the land and love, and less about money and things. While I enjoy beautiful objects as much as the next person, this life I am carving out is not as much about material things or keeping up with the “Jones’s”-  it’s about a life of quality rather than quanity.

My husband Gene and I live and active, outdoor life spending as much time as possible out-of-doors, on our land or in the woods as the weather permits. Though our home and its decorating are very important to me, it’s not the “be all” of my life.  It’s more like the frosting on the cake than the cake itself.

I once lived a life filled with many beautiful things, co-owned a Lake Michigan cottage and more and yet, I was not happy in that marriage. This second chance is a life larger than the things that are in it and a much happier one at that.

Like farmers we live by the seasons. In the summer we work outdoors in the gardens and I gather and dry plant materials. And in the winter months, I write, I paint walls and furniture, read, sing, cook, photograph and create my art.

Starrting over at mid-life can be a challenge and divorce at age 45, followed by remarriage and making a new life in a new community – can be even a bigger challenge.

But it also brings with it many blessings. It’s a full and rich life, a life lived in love, the rewards of hard work and for all it’s successes and failures, I will die someday knowing I gave it my all. I made my dream come true, even if part of that dream didn’t last forever.

This blog is the story of White Oak Acres and the family that is grateful to live here.

Longing in Their Hearts, Sung by Bonnie Raite

“Let me tell you ’bout a friend of mine

He’s a short order cook Long on speed, short on spice

He reads his customers like a book

He’s seen this, and he’s done that

Now he’s makin’ fried eggs an art

But there’s one thing he can’t fix no how

There’s a longing in his heart

He’s tried for years to work it out At the grill and at his home

Well he talks to his friends, talks to himself He talks the chicken right off the bone

Talks to his woman and she understands You know they’re always eye to eye

She runs the join, They live out back in a Small House under a Big sky

Well even the stars at night agree

The sky is falling apart She knows cause she can feel it too

There’s a longing in her heart

A longing in her heart Longing in her heart

 Well now you and me, we’re just like them

We never wanted to be alone, so we made a pact, sealed with desire for a happier house and home

 Only to find it doens’t untie

The know where feelings die

There’s a longing deep inside our hearts And no one to tell us why

Our friends aren’t looking for anything new

They wouldn’t know where to look

Well her, whe like running the join And he likes being a cook T

ogether they’re doing very well They’re might glad they could

But theres a fire burning towards them now Coming from a distant wood

 And eve the stars at night agree that the sky is falling apart

We know ’cause we can feel it too

There’s a longing in our hearts.”

Thanks so much for reading my new blog. You have my heart.

Small House/Big Sky Donna


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