Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 11, 2012

Lessons of Nature and Nurture

Brenna at her playhouse in my garden

This weekend my nearly three-year-old granddaughter, Brenna came to visit. My artistic endeavors consisted of playing with crayons and Kool-Aid colored play dough. But I treasure my time with this pixie and would not change it for the world. With her even playtime is a creative act.

She is learning about the Birds of Michigan by standing on the same stool her daddy use to use. She stands for hours at the dining room window and watches the songbirds fly in and out for seeds and sips of water. I name them for her. She names them back.

Later when we take our “Walk About” with dogs Spirit and Sassy through the Oak Savanna forest she calls “the deep woods” we hear the Pileated Woodpecker as it calls for its mate in an unearthly sound.

Friday on her way home from her house to mine, we stopped at the farm store to see the baby chickens and ducks. She was entranced.  It was all we could do to not bring some home with us.

I like to think I am molding a future biologist, scientist or maybe even forest ranger with these beginning lessons of nature. I love knowing that time spent with grandma is precious no matter what we do and that all too soon she will be into music and boys and no longer want to spend the weekend at grandma DJ’s  house in the woods.

But for today, we just play with each other and enjoy our precious lessons of nature and nurture.


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