Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 14, 2012

Linen Cabinet – Part 1

I’ve been working on a linen cabinet painting project for two weeks. This cabinet was ordered on-line and while my monitor and my eyes saw the color as a soft seafoam green it arrived painted in a mushy pea soup colored paint…lesson learned!

I had planned on going out tomorrow for paint however, my area of Michigan had a huge snowstorm overnight and inspite of my plan to drive into Holland to buy my first Chalk paint, I am driving nowhere today. Looks like it’s time for Plan B, to paint the linen cupboard with the paint I have on hand.

The piece is fully primed with Kiln’s and ready to paint.

In looking through all of my available paint I have on hand leftover from various house painting projects I find a lovely soft green Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue (H-143) used in the master bedroom. When I painted this room I longed for a soft “cocoon” for sleeping. The Wythe Blue translates to dark sea foam green when washed with a warm cream paint (that looks almost yellow) (Benjamin Moore Powell Buff HC-35). I used the Powell Buff “straight” on the louvered closet doors and trim and used pale yellow sheers at the window.

However the sea foam green paint is wall paint not semi-gloss, my preference for a cabinet like this.

I may live to regret this….but I am going to use the Wythe Blue paint as my primary paint. I’ll likely use the Powell Buff to “antique” the medallion and other high spots.

I love the completed look of the chalk paint, which I am, surprisingly finding, that the BM wall paint is replicating. But I believe the line does not offer much in the area of greens and in particular the shade of sea foam greens I desire.

Stay tuned!

Small House/Big Sky Donna


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