Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 14, 2012

Tool Carrier Make-Over

Yesterday I stained a primitive flea market wood carrier. I’ve owned this piece for years but have never really gotten attached to it. It has held blue Ball canning jars with flowers and water, old brass hose sprayers and a most recently, part of my collection of large polished Petoskey stones.

After the recent interest in tool carriers and Ball jars I decided I wanted to “brighten” this piece and find a place for it. Torn between painting or staining, I finally decided to stain it because I wanted to downplay the fact it was constructed of plywood. My plan is to use it in my 3-season’s porch to hold bandana “napkins” and silverware. This is where we eat our meals when the weather warms.

Tool carrier turned dispenser of silverware and napkins

With only mahogany and oak stain on hand, I chose mahogany thinking it would cover the rough wood. I have a collection of crocks in the dark brown/tan combination and I thought that the dark stain might look better next to a few crocks.

Using a foam brush soaked in stain, I dibbed and dabbed until the whole piece was evenly covered. I then stained the metal handle and watched a nice greenish tone materialize on the metal. A look that I like very much! I had already disregarded the idea of spray painting the handle black, because I wanted it to look primitive vs. new.

It turned out very sharp looking – a rich dark brown piece – that I waxed for a mellow deep shine. I choose green and black bandanas for $1.00 each because of the colors of the furniture in my porch and for the feeling of casual fun that these bandanas bring the room. Add felt protectors to the bottom, wrap the silverware in the bandana, photograph it and we have a unique and functional carrier-turned-holder!

Place on chippy bench, add a few vintage crocks, wood ferns and an old scale. Don’t you just love it when things aren’t meant to go together but do!

The carrier vignette on the chippy bench on my 3-seasons porch


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