Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 15, 2012

Linen Cabinet Part 3 Completed at Last!

After deciding I did not like the Wyeth Blue on the cabinet, I had my husband Gene, the Menard’s paint man, color match a sea foam green color to the bathroom wallpaper. Someday I’ll strip off that paper and repaint, but not this year as winter is almost over and it’s time to begin working outside in my garden.

I painted the cabinet outside using Dutch Boy Platinum, semi-gloss interior latex paint. I then painted the inside of the cabinet in a soft yellow paint left over from the bedroom wall mix. I also antiqued the medallion and grooved accent areas with the soft yellow for a subtle but pretty look.

This has not been my easiest project to date but I often learn things the hard way, and this was an example of that.

The medallian is slightly washed with yellow paint and the image shows the thin line of yellow painted trimmed edge. These are two of my favorite details in this project.

Luckily, I love the final product and that what counts, isn’t it? What do you think of my project?

Small House/Big Sky Donna




  1. this is soo pretty- I love the color combo, and the antiqued detail on the medallion. I’m collecting ideas for my eventual bathroom fix up- love your site.

  2. Katsmama, Sorry to be so tardy in my reply to your very kind comment. I am new blogging and just figuring things out as I go. I put some new jpegs on the old post pertinent to the bathroom cabinet today. I FINALLY got the medallian and trim photographed and downloaded, YEA!

    I sure appreciate your following my blog and hope you’ll stop in often if you can!


    Small House / Big Sky Donna

  3. I love a good paint job, it totally revamps a room! I love the matte finish of the cabinet so much! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my turquoise living room – I love color, too!

    • Hey, glad you could check on the site again and see the bathroom cabinet. If anything could go wrong it did…pea green paint was NOT what I wanted. But in the end everything ended up fine, even if it took me three times to paint the darn thing. Learners curve!

      Thanks for stopping in again! Have a great week. I STILL love your tourquise wall, so pretty!

      Small House / Big Sky Donna

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