Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 18, 2012

Storage Jars for the Linen Cabinet

I went junk shopping over the weekend looking for two items; baskets and glass jars with tops for my new towel cabinet that I ordered over the Internet. I did not find what I was hoping for – how disappointing. I did find a wonderful old brown mixing bowl for only $9.00. It has small chip in it but still it will make a wonderful base for a plant.

I must admit that I love the Restoration hardware, faceted-glass jars with fancy lids, but at $128.00 per jar and a retirees budget, they are not for me.

I did locate new jars at Wallmart’s, but I am still holding out for second hand and cheap. If I don’t’ find what I want, maybe I’ll use my blue Ball canning jars for the cotton balls and Q-tips. I think the old blue against the seafoam green painted cabinet could be pretty…

Square thrift shop jars and a round Wallmart container for bath salts and a small metal birdbath holds candles.

On a second shopping expediton I found some square containers at a Kalamazoo resale shop. They are vintage, clear glass with lids at $4.00 for one and $1.00 for the second. Those will hold the cotton squares and Q-Tips. Since I found two items at a very affordable price, I will spring for the larger sized round, Wallmart jar with a lid for my custom bath salts that I make with essential oils.

My bath salt recipe: Pour Epsom salts into your container. Take the essential oil of your choice and put 8 to 12 drops into the individual salts and stir. My favorite recipe uses, Aura Cacia brand oils and drops of Basil, Ylang Ylang, Bergamont and Eucalyptus oils. Put a cup of that mix into your hot bath and sink into heaven. Ah!

Small House/Big Sky Donna


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