Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 22, 2012

Spring has Sprung – Zone 5 Garden Photo’s

Spring came early this year to the White Oak Gardens.

Our crabapple tree in full bloom

Almost a month ahead of schedule, the daffodils and day lily’s began to “peep” their green heads out of the ground.

My husband, a dedicated woodcock watcher, spotted his first bird of the year in March 6 – the earliest he has ever seen a woodcock in Michigan since he began to hunt as a youth.

By March 15, the Robins and Rufus Sided Towhee were back and we were picking daffodils alongside the roadways.

A flea market find, vintage wheel barrrow in the studio garden

As I have 2 ½ acres of gardens and yard to manage, so I was glad to get an early start on leaf pickup, weeding and other garden chores.

Here are some photos of our White Oak gardens from years past starting with our crabapple tree in full blossom.

Everyone needs a lilac chair in their garden!

Happy Spring to all!

Small House/Big Sky Donna


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