Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 2, 2012

Studio Porch Reveal

For the past month I’ve been busy painting four pieces of cane and wicker furniture, first writing about it on 3/18/12 in “Roadside Rescue” when I initially showed the 1950’s chair and ottoman I rescued from the roadside a few years ago and put into storage.

Well, the painting of the wicker (Dutch Boy Maxbond satin acrylic latex house paint) and porch staging is now done and my sitting area is now ready to be revealed…Sitting area on my papermaking studio porc

This is the open porch of my papermaking studio that faces the woods and wildflower meadow and is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee before beginning work. I often sit here to catch a breeze and watch the bluebirds that nest in the bluebird box nearby.

Remember the 1950’s chair and ottoman before restoration?

Chair and ottoman before painting

Antique fernery with silk flowers until I can plant pink geraniums

The antique fernery painted and filled.

The tray, lamp base, birdhouses and child’s Dutch shoes are covered in my hand painted tissue papers and decoupaged with matt medium onto unfinished wood or ceramic.

Children's sized Dutch wooden show  covered in handpainted tisses

Close up of flowers in fernery

Birdhouse covered in my handpainted tissue papers

The birdbath mosaic table was a piece I created several years ago using quarter sized round tiles found buried in the ground in our woods that originally came from our swimming pool and an old mirror I cut with hand snips. Broken Blue Willow patterned china adds a touch of vintage blue and white to the peach and blue theme.  A round piece of glass tops the table and makes for a level, washable surface. The purple item is a china lampshade that cracked and had been reworked with my handpainted tissues papers. Mosaic sunburst pattern in birdbath with glass top as porch table

If you are ever in Southwestern Michigan, please come and join me for a glass of lemonade and a homemade cookies on the porch. The breeze off Lake Michigan is cooling and the view is wonderful!

Small House/ Big Sky Donna


  1. Your porch looks so inviting and I love the green wooden shoes 🙂

    • Thanks Danny!

      It was fun to put this porch together. Those shoes….I live less than an hour from Holland, Michigan, the home of the annual Tulip parade. That means wooden shoes can be found around here. These came from Goodwill. I went through a “phase” where I was collecting Dutch wooden shoes and then had to figure out what to do with them. Some ended up hanging on the wall of another porch, some had ivy planted in them and these “child size” shoes ended up decopadged with my hand painted tissue papers. They definitely are a “conversation piece.”

      Thanks for visiting my porch and do come back soon.

      Small House / Big Sky Donna

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