Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 14, 2012

3-Season’s Porch Reveal

“Porch: A covered area adjoining an entrance to a building and usually having a separate roof.”

Our three-season’s porch is our “go-to” room and where we live from May through October.

The tall canopies of the big White Oaks filters the light and provide shade for our backyard and our porch area. Family and friends use our porch to enter our home and it is how we enter our hot tub during the cool winter months of Michigan and to and from our pool in the summer.

With glass on three sides from roofline to floor, there is lots of light and breeze from the full screens and the ceiling fan.  We like that our homes Indiana Limestone wall is on-view on the South side of the porch. Overall the porch is quiet, cozy and shady and it’s where we want to be with a blanket, a magazine and a cup of tea. I  like to listen to NPR or Michigan Radio there.

We added the room in the early 2000’s and had the real pebbles, Riverrock flooring installed shortly after. It’s very easy care, vacuum only.

It is where we sit to enjoy our large bird feeding bed and our two Labrador Retrievers, Spirit and Sassy use it as their “big screen TV!”

I needed to create a place that we weren’t afraid to use after swimming… so some of my furniture is metal, to hold up to the dampness and most have open legs and glass tops to see through and to give the illusion of a more open space.  The rest of the furniture is vintage, bought through newspaper advertisements or from Craig’s List. A chippy bench holds silverware and bandana “napkins” for meal. I display my collection of crocks and items from nature as my predominent decorative theme.

Welcome to our backporch. Would you like to be back porch friend?

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Your back porch looks very inviting. The different colored trees around your house is beautiful. It is great to be able to live close to nature. Have a great weekend!

    • Betty, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog I think we have a LOT in common. I jumped on your blog and you talked about gardening in the shade and mentioned, “IF your old you’ll understand.” I laughed out loud! I’m 62 and I get it!
      We are fortunate in Michigan to have lovely decidious trees and our property has many beautiful ones – in fact some 37 White Oak Trees alone, plus maples and sassafras. This is one reason we elected to stay in Michigan in our retirement years, we love the trees and the four-seasons.

      My porch is simple and fairly rustic but comfortable and best of all, overlooks a wonderful wildflower meadow with a bluebird house and Mrs. Blue is laying her eggs right now, three down and two more to go. Such simple pleasures!

      I jumped on your blog too and see you have a farm with beef and gardens and you are a crafter. Good luck in your endeavers and stop by my blog when you can.

      Small House / Big Sky Donna

    • There is defintely a lot of truth to that statement! We do have a LOT of property and gardens to manage and both my husband and I work hard at that.

      Some of the projects I put on the blog have been done gradually over the past 11 years, though the blog is new. I’m 62 and I recently quit my job and “retired” so I have more “project time” than someone who is “working for pay” 8+ hours a day. I just keeping plugging away every day.

      Mostly the porch is used when we have company, at night or when my granddaughter is here. I do eat out there most everyday and sit out there most every night reading. By giving up TV in the summer months, I gain two to three hours of porch time! It’s a trade I am willing to make.

  2. Sounds like a great place to relax, but when do you do that with all the projects you are doing?

  3. GREAT Post! Hope you enter + share this pretty awesome giveaway on my blog Best, Kellie

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