Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 19, 2012

Annie Sloan Book Has Arrived

My Annie Sloan Painting Book Arrived!

I am totally psyched. My special order Annie Sloan book, “Quick and Easy Paint Transformations: 50 Step-by-Step ways to Makeover Your Home for Next to Nothing,” and the ASCP color chart arrived yesterday.

The Annie Sloan Color Chart (thumbnail) copied from her website

I began to read this book last night with highlighters and flags in hand and I am totally enthralled by the many examples of furniture pieces Sloan has painted. Of special interest to me is the fact that her paint can also be used on walls, floors, metal and cement – what a surprise!

I learned many of Sloans ‘tips and trade secrets’ that would likely have taken me many years to learn on my own through mostly trial and error. I was most interested in, not only in Sloans technique, but how she chooses her colors and how she decides to use which wax color and which color combinations she puts together and why.

I found it especially helpful to have the color chart in hand to identify each paint color used in a given project as I found that the colors I fsaw in the handpainted chart looked different than the colors shown on the glossy page in the book. There is a color chart in the back of the book but I much preferred to have the hand-painted chart in hand as opposed to flipping back and forth from the particular page I was reading to the chart in the book.

You can buy this book for around $19.95 at your local ASCP Stocklist store or on the Internet at I also found it on Amazon for $13.95.


Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. How much fun is it that your sweet doggie likes my blog and the new piece about the Annie Sloan painting book – ha ha! I’m a dog person myself enjoying/loving our two Labrador Retreivers, Spirit (10) and Sassy (3). I know what it means to have two big dogs rule the roost!

    I jumped on your site too and really enjoyed your piece about the craft room/restored desk. It was quite timely for m as I too am turning a vintage dressing table into a computer desk using te Annie Sloan paint – hence the research of reading her book. That post with photo’s will follow when painted.

    Thanks for reading my blog and for sharing yours!

    Check back in when you can!

    Smal House / Big Sky Donna

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