Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 24, 2012

Back on-Line After 6 Days Without Internet

Well, we’ve been without Internet (and you my blog) for the past six days. Apparently, there was an equipment failure in my little corner of Michigan. These times always remind me of how little we humans are in control of all things mechanical (and how very much we depend on them!)

I did a bit of thrift shopping this weekend on my way to use the Internet at the library and have a few treasures to share.

The Goodwll stool, painted but not yet covered to show you where I am heading….

I found a sweet little red, Martha Stewart reversible pillow for $2.99. (It really is red though the picture looks a bit fucia.)

Oen side as you can see is a checkered print, the other a kind of flowered print.

After spraying it with Fabreeze and a day in the sun and wind, I’ve placed it in my office on a roadside rescue, folding chair found in my old neighborhood some 20 years ago.

I also bought two oversized pillow slips in fun red/green/gold flowered pattern that I hope to turn into a seat cover for my $6.99 Goodwill bench that I have painted with ASCP Emperor’s Silk but not yet waxed. The cost? Only $5.00 for all.

After the vintage dressing table is repaired (the glue is currently drying) and the table is painted with Emperors Silk red and waxed with darkwax, I plan to accent the green painted room with more red accents.  More details on this project as the dressing table is restored.

Such great pleasure for so little money!



Small House / Big Sky Donna


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