Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 25, 2012

Roman Shades in Updated Bathroom

I wish I had been working on decorating projects today but instead my husband and I have been working on cutting down trees that died due to our 5-year spring flooding. We cut, hauled and stacked wood all day long.  Not very sexy nor creative.

So instead, I’ll show photographs of the Roman Shades I made for my bathroom upgrade a few weeks ago. I had photographed the shades but never got them posted.  Since I have “directional dyslexia” i.e. trouble with directions – any directions – I use to be a” fly by the seat of my pants seamstress” but it’s been many, many years since I have actually sewed. My poor Sears 1970’s sewing machine languishes in my studio never being used. So I asked my friend Greta to help with this project and she deserves all the credit. Greta that is such a great seamstress that she can actually alter her clothes like a professional seamstress. Wow, I’m impressed!

The finished window with the shade. (The wall is a much lighter color really!)

Here is a close up of the paisley fabric. This photograph looks pink but the fabric is actually quite a pretty  terra cotta, gold and tan combo.

Using a blog tutorial (I looked at several of them) we happily stumbled our way through the project.

I was able to use this yard of wonderful paisley linen material I had bought a couple of years thinking I would order a custom sofa from Ballard Designs but ultimately did not when I realized that the linen was too delicate a fabric for a home in the country with two large dogs, a husband and granddaughters.

The project is laid out on my couch as I’m sewing the rings on by hand. You can see the lining material, a very pretty rust-tone color.

The fabric is laid out on my kitchen bar area and I am gluing on the wood dowels.

An old wood cutting board is providing weight to hold everything in place until the dowels dry.

I weighted the cord down with a found stone with a hole in it.

Here’s the finished bathroom view (but before the shades were up.) Quite frankly, I don’t care for the glass block window effect but it’s here to stay, at least for now. It looks out into our 3-season’s porch so the block treatment is “private” but it was in the house when we arrived – not my choice.

The finished bathroom make-over. Simple, fresh, clean and on budget.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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