Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 27, 2012

New Photo Editing Option Found – PicMonkey

This picture of my crabapple tree in bloom makes me smile. So does an easy to use photo editing program!

If you are anything like me you want a simple, easy-to-use photo editing program for your blog. You’re willing to pay for a product that works, but free is even better.

And, if still like me, you have been using Picasa/Picnik to improve the look of your photos, and have been fretting with the recent upgrade and subsequent major issues that came as a result of that upgrade, you’ll be as happy as I am to find out about PicMonkey.

www.picmonkey is the answer to my photo editing dreams (well actually its been a nightmare and frankly I stopped using it and instead put up substandard jpeg on my sight just to protect my work.)  I used PicMonkey yesterday for the first time and had it down in 15 minutes or so. This is pretty telling for a technology challenged person like me.  I’m in love!

It’s a feature rich; free on-line that works right in your browser, no downloads necessary. (Yes, I took that line right from its website.)

Yes, it has some effects I’ll probably never use like sepia tone, black and white, masks etc. but who cares. It has my beloved and easy-to-use crop, rotate, watermark, brighten and sharpen options so I am totally happy.

Thank you PicMonkey engineers and founders. You are my heroes. (No, I was not paid to write this review, I’m just thrilled to tell you about it.)

This is the closest thing to the former Picnik that I have seen (without the bugs) – try it – you’ll like it!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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