Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 29, 2012

Teal and Brown Wagon Planter Make-over

I had originally planned on waiting to share this fun painted piece until after I was able to plant it with flowers. But spring is taking forever this year in Michigan and we are still having cold nights and major frosts so the flowers will have wait till mid-June, or even longer. I am thinking about planting it with ivy, creeping jenny, colorful pansies and possibly a pale pink geranium.

For now, I filled the wagon with Petosky stones (fossilized animals from an ancient ocean) gathered over the year from the sandy beaches of nearby Lake Michigan. I am a stone nut, I admit it. They just seem to call to me. I collect stones and use them in my gardening and landscaping projects.

Partially painted wagon in colors taken from my paisely porch pillows.

Completed wagon filled with part of my Petosky stone collection.

This piece was freebee that came to me in pieces but I could envision the “after” beauty of the planter right away. I decided to paint it in a “Dangerously Teal” and “Chocolate Brown” Dutch Boy Max Bond paint (which reqires no primer) in colors selected to coordinate with my new studio porch pillows. This sits as an accent piece on my White Oak Studio porch.

It’s been a fun project to work on. Because we live in the country and on a gravel road I have learned to go “practical” with outdoor projects choosing brown paint rather than white or pastel, as they will soon be covered in road dust. While a rich chocolate brown may not be the ‘prettiest’ of colors, it definitely is the most sensible color choice here.

Wood planter in pieces “before.”

I selected the Dutch Boy paints because it is so convient to give my husband, the Menard’s paint man, my order and he mixes them up at work and brings them home to me. That perk, plus the 10% off to employees often has me selecting paint this way. Am I lucky or what? In fact, I keep a paint fan deck on hand in my laundry room.

Wagon parts in pieces after painting.

I had some fun “washing” brown on the teal to dull it down a bit and give it some visual interest. My husband crafted a yoke and handle and hand-carved pins for the wheels.

The teal color washed with brown paint.

The porch grouping with wagon, painted side table and the paisley cushion on the painted ‘roadside rescue’ chair.

My husband confessed he had as much fun as I did bringing this old wagon planter back to life.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


  1. Your blog is so great! Love the wagon!!!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting, I appreciate it! I re-worked the blog last week and think the new format has a bit more spice!

    It was really a pleasure to to take that “roadside rescue” freebee and turn it into something pretty and fun. It was also great that Gene and I could work on it together. If I can find the right project for him, he loves to be in the woodshop.

    I look forward to Brenna helping me to plant the flowers for the wagon in June…one of our projects.

  3. Love this – and the tea table – nicely done!

    • Thanks for checking out the Small House / Big Sky blog. This process has been an interesting learning experience. In fact, it’s a lot like my first year of teaching secondary education, many years ago. I am researching and learning as I go, just in time to teach class the next day. It’s also been exhilirating to learn a new way of photographing. Product shots are very different than people photography or landscapes and a challenge with my old point and shoot camera. I’m hoping to get a new Cannon Rebel with my auction money!!

      Stop in any time!

      Auction, White Oak Studio on Saturday, October 6, 1 p.m.

      Small Houe/ Big Sky Donna

  4. I just love the colors on this. You did a great job, and also happy to find another blogger in the NEIGHBORHOOD…:)

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments and for visting my blog. Isn’t it fun to know another blogger that is within “shouting distance,”
      especially when they are also an artist! I am really enjoying your painting projects as well as your artwork.

      Have you discovered the Annie Sloan Stock Paint stocklist store in Holland yet? A wonderful shop! Let me know if your haven’t and I’ll send you the details.

      Small House / Big Sky Donna

      • Yeah, I know about Randy’s place, but I love the ce ce caldwell and another fellow blogger “shizzle LLC” in byron center sells it at her place in zeeland which is closer to me.
        Nice to have all these COOL neighbors.

      • Thanks so much for sharing. I didn’t know about Shizzle LLC and visited her site today. W-O-W!

        Have a great Mothers Day!

        Small House / Big Sky Donna

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