Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | May 4, 2012

From My Porch to Yours

Guess I have a thing about porches – I have three of them. Two on the house and one on the art studio and I get a bit carried away decorating them all.

If you’ve read my blog before you’ve seen the studio porch grouping before. Here’s a second peak… you may recall that I took a disparate grouping of furniture and painted them all a rich chocolate brown color to bring them together visually (remember we live on a dirt road and I need to keep my color and fabrics ‘real-life’ here). Then I bought new paisley cushions to play up the green siding as well as make them more comfortable to sit in.

Art studio porch with newly painted furniture and paisley cushion and pillow

This week I finished decorating the West house porch on the front of my ranch-style home. This porch faces the busy 109th Ave, a Class A roadway with LOTS of truck traffic (this was a real plus when the art gallery was open.) This is not the entry that most of our friends and visitors use but I like to decorate it anyway. The wooden firehouse chair ($10.00 at a flea market many years ago) is newly painted, the pair of old, wooden swinging door (a roadside rescue) have found a repurposed life; the pair that you see here and a second pair that screens a ugly, gray but necessary 220 electrical box on the deck that holds our hot tub.

The west house porch – three views. The salmon limestone has faded to a pale pink.

I’m thinking after seeing this picture that I might paint the pecos spice salmon color on the raised panels and spindles of this pair. What is your vote?

The tiny stoop to the east

The reason I have two separate front porches on my home, is because the one that is the smallest is the doorway for the former garage that a previous owner turned into a family room. This one is petite, no more than a door and a stoop and the most I can do to decorate it is to put a wreath on the door and a plant stand with plant in the corner.  I choose a bright color of paint for my three exterior doors by Benjamin Moore called pecos spice salmon to coordinate with the Indiana limstone exterior and to make the entries more cheerful and welcoming.

I planted an Autumn Clematis vine on a trellis to draw the eye vertically and to jazz this entry up a bit. This vine is bright green in the spring and blooms in the fall giving us gorgeous white flowers and a sweet, sweet smell when you walk by.

It’s still too cold in Michigan to put out the houseplants or plant the colorful flowers in the pots, so for another month or two it’s silk flowers and vintage finds.

Remember what they say…you never get a chance to make a first impression. Welcome to my home!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Dear Sadie and Daisy, Thank you so much for stopping by my mom’s blog today on your rounds. Did you hear us barking at you when you ran through our yard? Did you smell our pee mail? I’ll be checking on yours when I go out again later today.

    Thanks for following my mom’s blog. It makes her really happy. And, when she is happy we are happy (out comes the dog treats.!)

    Love, your canine friends, Spirit and Sassy

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