Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | May 18, 2012

5 Minute Back up of a WordPress Blog

Today I finally figured out how to back-up my WordPress blog. Having had my old Yahoo account “hacked”  last year (a real mess in which I lost my entire contacts list,) I have been worried about the possibility of losing my blog. Yes, I have Norton Security but no, I am not faithful in backing up my system as I should. I know… I should… and I mean to but it seems that I let everything else take president priority. Shame on me!

Some of you probably could do this in your sleep, but as a fairly new blogger I had not yet figured out how to do this. If you too are a WordPress newbie, let me save you some time.

Today I took step one and backed up my blog. YEA! You can too!

How to Back-up Your WordPress Blog

(This will put a backup copy onto your hard drive.)

1) Go to your dashboard

2) Go to tools

3 Go to export

4) Choose what to export

You can select between posts, pages, feedback or all contant. I clicked all contant.

Click on download Export File. Do a “save as.” I set up a folder I call “Blog Backup Master” but you can title your folder anything you want to.

As long as my computer hard drive does not crash and burn you have a backup to go back to at a later date. My New Years Resolution (yes, I am about 5 months late but better late than never) is to back up my blog every Friday.

Next…backing up my entire system!

Small House Big Sky Donna

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