Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | May 31, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Friends!

It was not a very exciting Memorial Day here on the ‘Ponderosa.’

I was up at 6 a.m. and outdoors working in the garden by 7 a.m. I weeded, loaded bark chips in 5-gallon buckets from the full truck bed and spread the bark chips in two separate flower beds. My goal is to weed and bark chip two beds per day until the job is done.

I then planted yellow and green snap beans seeds and watered previously planted seeds and perennials. Around 11 a.m. I made a run to a local greenhouse for a flat of flowers to plant at the gravel driveway turn-around bed. Plant, water more bark chips. By 1 p.m. to was 90 degrees and too hot for me to work outside any longer.

Inside to take a bath and a break. I cooked a mid-day meal of salmon patties, boiled potatoes and sliced fresh tomatoes with fresh grown basil with Italian dressing for lunch and gathered laundry for a load of wash. Wash and hang it out of the line to dry.

Then I began cleaning the second section of the filthy three-season porch. I started yesterday but in the 90 degree heat was not able not finish. This is the first BIG clean-up of the year and that means lots of cobwebs, spider egg sacks and road dirt. On top of that, there was a layer of oak flower dust  on EVERY SURFACE – all of which had to be vacuumed up. In fact every square inch of the porch from ceiling to floor is vacuumed in the spring, including the fabric on the furniture….a big, big job. So far I have 6 hours into this room and a couple of more hours to go.

My husband worked equally as hard. He ran the dogs, prepared another section of the vegetable garden in our “just in time” method of getting ready. He pulled back the black plastic weed killing barrier, dug up weeds, layered the newspaper barrier and then covered that with maple leaves and bark chips and dug sand out of the pool well so we could have water for the garden. Then he hopped on the lawn tractor and mowed for the next 5 hours. And this was after working two days in a row (both Saturday and Sunday of a holiday weekend) at Menard’s.  All this at age 67!

Dinner was a bowl of Rice Chex with soy milk on it ….I was too exhausted to cook again. Then I sat on the porch and read for a couple of hours until bedtime.

I’m under a self-imposed deadline to get this work done. My three-year-old-granddaughter arrives in four days, for a nine day visit, and I won’t have large blocks of time to work once she is here.

No one had better try telling me, that just because I don’t go to an office and draw a salary, that I don’t work!


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