Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | May 31, 2012

Studio Window Box Makeover

Window box makeover on my art studio.

I have been long overdue in reworking the window boxes at my art studio. The old Goodwill vinyl coated metal planters I had bought many years ago cracked so I just set them aside when I went back to work three years ago.

Finally this year I decide to make them over first removing the cracked pieces and spray painting them with a primer and then a topcoat of brown RustOleam spray paint. I know its just plain old brown paint but brown paint goes so well with my muted and variegated green and tan siding and best of all – it works with the road dirt!

The metal frame “before.”

The metal frames “after.”

Then a trip to Michael’s Crafts and some new blue and green artificial hydragnea flowers later, I had a bit of color to go with the old ferns from the previous incarnation. Plop in the hydragnas the ferns in the old oval pots and ta da….a spiffed up front of my studio space!

Live flowers would be nice but I have to be practical with what I can manage with this 5-acre property and two and one half acres of flower gardens.

Artificial flowers on the front of a building I don’t look at, done mostly for the enjoyment of my neighbors as they drive by (I go in and out the back door) is what I can manage.

Small House / Big Sky


  1. I like the sensibility of the artificial (but high quality) flowers and greens. I have done something similar in my 3 season porch with a group of handmade paper flowers and silk greenery in a metal wall basket. There is enough to tend to outside in June!

    • Good morning!

      So glad you could visit the Small House Under a Big Sky blog. I appreciate the “high five” about my artificial flowers, you are so right their is much to do outside in June!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope you can stop back in from time to time. I appreciate every follower!

      Small House / Big Sky Donna

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