Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | June 16, 2012

Oh Lucky Day

My DH (dear husband) and I went to have our hair trimmed on Friday morning and saw a lot of garage sales so began to stop. They were typical sales, what I usually find here – the dead-end kind of sales – until we were on our way home and found someone moving!

We were alerted  to the event by the items sitting along the side of the road where there was a stash of items being given away for free. Wish I had had my camera with me to show you!

We grabbed two industrial lab chairs and had we had our truck, we would have taken home the light wood, mid-century modern dining room cabinet. With spiky legs, a mix of open shelves and sliding doors, it was way cool!

Just in case they had more to sell we pulled up the long grass driveway to the home in the field. A lovely couple came out and we talked a bit and I asked if they had any chests of drawers. (I will NEVER give up that search!)

No chests of drawers b-u-t they had a wonderful antique gateleg parlor table with a light unpainted maple top and gorgeous carved legs. Do I have plans for that table!

They hadn’t planned on selling the table but on-the-spot put a price tag of $20.00 for it and threw in an old but gorgeous shield back mahagony chair with an upholstered seat. It meant fewer pieces to move the next day.

Loved those turned legs on wheels and the carvings at the corner!

The shield back chair just waiting for paint and new fabric.

I am in heaven!

Three chairs and an outstanding table for just $20.00. YAHOO!

Happy Hunting.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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