Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | June 24, 2012

Firefly Meadow Farm Sale

This weekend I hit the mother load…

The advertisement read … “Vintage Sale: Seven Country Chicks (Okay Hens) will be selling their wares on the lawn at Firefly Meadow Farm, Hamilton, MI…”

Even though I could find no photographs on-line, I knew instinctively by the creativity displayed in the adv. this was the sale for me – and it was.

Vintage and antique furniture, collectibles, country wares, folk art and everything in between came spilling out of a small well preserved barn shop and spread out over the grass on a gorgeous 70 degree day to equal the ‘perfect’ sale. This is how I imagine heaven will be for me!

Many shoppers were there even before the opening time of 3 p.m. and they came steady during the time I was shopping, chatting and photographing. The seven couples who were selling were delightful, outgoing and friendly. The husbands were willing to shleep and load purchases into vehicles making it an easy and painless event – a nice perk!

I bought three paintable pieces; a small decorative cabinet with lovely curves, a round medallion and to-die-for legs, a petite book case and a most-gorgeous antique oak buffet/server. This buffet is a keeper – even my dear husband loves it! And most important, I made a new friend who paints furniture!

The sale was a dream….set up similar to an art sale, each individual booth with items for sale. This was way above flea market caliber with most items refinished or painted and ready to take home and put right in your room. They hold this sale several times a year and my goal is to be a part of it next time!

A lovely and exciting day!

Small House  / Big Sky Donna



  1. Hi I’m Ellie, and I know you don’t know me but I thought this was so cool because the person in charge of this sale is my grandma, and I was at the sale helping too!

  2. Also, if you read this, I would appreciate you replying to me because I’m curious if you think that is cool. Thanks!

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