Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | July 5, 2012


I have not posted in way to long…here’s one reason.

Michigan, if not the whole Midwest, is in the middle of a heat wave and a drought. It’s been 90 to 100 degrees the past few days and it’s been more than a month without any rain. Our heat indexes have climbed to 100 and 108.

Unfortunately due to recent flooding, and food related expenses, we have not been able to open our swimming pool this year.

With 2 /12 acres of grass and garden, and no underground sprinklering system, this means heavy and constant watering; hauling hoses and sprinklers all day long.

These ups and downs in weather patterns are part of living in the country, I know. Farmers know this well too. This creative journey we are now living includes battling bugs, browsing deer, crazy weather patterns and global warming. These issues are part of our everyday life now. Time magazine says that this extreme weather is now the new “norm.” Ouch!

While I have planted primarily native and dry land plants in my garden and landscaping, when the drought is this severe even these plants and shrubs require supplemental water. So I’m hauling hoses and sprinklers and soaking trees and shrubs with trickling water and setting the timer to remind me it’s time to move them…again.

The heat and drought also means humidity and humidity means two dehumidifiers going 24/7 and twice a day monitoring and emptying(onto the parched shrubs of course!)Ditto for the studio building.

The heat strips my energy and I can’t work the number of hours I can when its cooler. My heart goes out to the many people in my county who are working in the fields in this heat and those that have no air conditioning. I’ve invited several to come and take respite in our somewhat cooler home.

I hope it’s not too dry or hot in your area too.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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