Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | July 9, 2012

Girlfriend’s Get-Away

The back yard in June at the small house under the big sky.

You won’t hear from me for a few days. Im heading out-of-town to visit a high school girlfriend. In spite of taking very different paths in life, we have remained friends since we met in the late 1960’s. That’s over 40 years since our graduation from Vicksburg High School in Vicksburg, MI.

She’s very traditional and I’m a bit of a rebel. We’ll see if we can stand each others company for four days without the guys. Ha! Luckily what happens at the cottage stay’s at the cottage!

I am blessed because she has a rustic, small cottage on the Muskegon River in Newaygo, MI, and is sharing it with me. We hope to chat, read, relax, eat and listen to the river sing.

My Labrador retriever, Spirit, will be with me and I expect we will take many dips in the river while we are there. I plan to wear no clothes all week, just my swim suit and flip flops.

On my way north I plan to stop and pick up more ASCP dark wax and Ce Ce Caldwell’s paint. After months of painting with Emperor’s Silk, Granite, Old White and Dove Gray, I’m ready to splurge on some bright new colors. While I have enjoyed using the colors I mentioned above,  I am really ready to experiment with blue and green paints now.

I will also be picking up the matching French Provincial headboard/footboard and matching bedside table that go with the garage sale dresser I bought late spring.

Bureau waiting for its mates and a color decision.

This second chance purchase came about unexpectedly when I bought the dresser at the garage sale and my car registration flew out of my Subaru. This sweet couple found it on the ground and mailed it back to me. This led to subsequent conversations that revealed that they also had a matching footboard, headboard and bedside table and might I be interested?

Am I? Oh, yes!

Have a great week and I’ll be talking to ya’ll soon!

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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