Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | July 30, 2012

My Office Upgrade

While I still don’t have the old metal corner desk out of my office (no place else to store that until the October 6, auction,) I was able to move the newly painted vintage dressing table (i.e. desk) stool and chair into my office this weekend. And, I was able to finally place the flea market glass lamps with their new shades on the dressing table for a fairly authentic look for the era.

I bought those two vintage glass lamp bases probably 20 or more years ago for just $2.00 each not knowing where or when I might use them. Took me long enough, right! But I thought they were quite special. The lampshades are new and bought just for this room. I enjoy how the glass lamp bases mimic the vintage glass pulls of the dresser.

You’ll notice the tall medium oak bookcases. I haven’t decided if I am going to tackle painting the three large bookcases yet or not.

A pair of vintage glass lamps (only one is pictured) a metal bird house and an old bottle grace the dressing table.)

The colors of the room were taken from the colors found in the Oriental area rug (bought at Target around 10 years ago) and are primarily a medium green tone (the walls) and a deep red (the furniture). Everything is set on our light-colored whitewashed “Amtigo” linoleum flooring that we added throughout our homes. Everyone tells me that the linoleum looks just like wood but trust me, it wears like linoleum. You may recall that we live on a sand-plain in the country, with two large Labrador retrievers, and since I am committed to choosing “green” environmentally sound materials, this super durable floor is a must for us. I love this flooring, have been very happy with how it has worn and recommend it often. Plus it has a 25-year wear warranty. My kind of product!

This is the view seen through the open door of my office giving what I think is a pleasing view from the adjoining family room. Especially remembering that when we moved here this was a peach colored storage room with metal gray shelves lined with cans of paint!

Our family room and is also decorated in coordinating colors of deep red and sea-foam green. Living in Michigan with snow outside my windows six to seven months of the year, I need bright and cheerful colors in my homes decor.

Most all the family room furniture came with us from our almost one-hundred year old Cape Cod home in Kalamazoo. The oak chest, flour bin and drop leaf table are all vintage pieces, bought used and lived through the raising of my two sons, now both in their thirties. The rug and art are new pieces bought after we moved to this house.

Happy Monday and welcome to the new week!

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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