Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 11, 2012

A Tough Technology Week

Technology… love it or hate it!

It been a tough week technology wise here at the White Oak Studio, one downside to living rurally. This is one reason why I have been so quiet blog wise. The other reason is that I have been on the road looking at possible consignment shops. It is taking a lot of time and energy to find a shop to place my work that meets my requirements and does not charge a monthly fee.

Our phone and Internet service was down for two days as well. I think the contractor working on the drain extension project cut the phone cable. The Verizon vehicles were out at the pedestal area for a whole day. Then I’ve have been unable to complete a post because Picmonkey would not allow me to edit my photographs and WordPress would not allow me to place them in the blog. Weird!

Then two days of solid, hard rain has prevented me from taking outdoor photographs of the lovely Victorian dresser I purchased last week. Calgon take me away!

I have been making some small painting progress in the studio at least. Two small tables have been painted and three large dresser drawers. I tested the small French Provincial dresser to the threepiece set I am painting for my grand daughter. We just now have to decide do we go with more blue or more green on the accent?

The other pieces in-waiting are in various stages of veneer gluing or drying.

Hopefully my next post will have photography!

Small House / Blue Sky Donna


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