Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 17, 2012

Educating The Customer

The White Oak Studio Designs hang tag front.

There is a lot to starting a furniture painting business besides the actual painting of furniture. A lot of “behind the scenes” business planning, organizing and creating must get done as well.

When my furniture first began to get put out there, I created the my hang tag front. This is the “about the artist” part. I needed some time to think about what I wanted to put on the back.

A hang tag in case you’re not familiar, is your contact piece that not only gives your contact information it is your one chance to sell and educate the customer, from afar.

When I had the art gallery open, I met each prospect when they came through the door. I had a chance to look them in the eye, smile and tell them my story; why and how I created. With consignment or rental space you don’t have that chance – all you have is your work and your hang tag.

I’ve been working this week on the back section of my hang tag – the about the furniture part – that dangles on each piece of furniture in the shop.

It is my belief that merchandising for a custom-made piece is as important as the quality of the work done on the piece itself.

My hand tag is computer designed and printed and is hung from each piece of furniture for sale with a punched hole and piece of tied jute string.

The back panel will also be computer printed and glued to the back of each hang tag.

Hang Tag Back Text:

THIS IS: A solid maple side table, artisan-made and pegged.

WOODSHOP TRANSFORMED: Taken apart, heavily sanded, built new top, filled and glued.

PAINT SHOP TRANSFORMED: Primed with stain blocker, hand-painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and Coco.

FINISHED: Hand-waxed with both clear wax and dark wax (Annie Sloan wax).

PRICE: $57.00

I make this effort because I believe that it is up to the me to educate my prospective customer as to why the asking price for a custom piece is… what it is. How else will the customer know!

You can find my hand-painted vintage furniture transformations at the following two MI shops:

1)      Farmhouse Chic, 6998 114th Ave., Glen, MI in the old Glen Fire Station half way along the Blue Star Highway between South Haven, MI and Saugatuck, MI  Shop hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.  The shop cell phone is 616-403-4576 and shop e-mail is

2)      Baker Allegan Studios, Located 30 minutes from Kalamazoo, MI and 40 minutes from Grand Rapids, the Baker Allegan Studios is located at  148 Mill District Road, Allegan, MI 269-903-6883. Shop hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 10 to 6 and Sunday noon to 5 .Their website is

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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