Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 21, 2012

Side Table Make Over

This vintage side table arrived painted a glossy orange. Halloween? I bought it because I really like pieces with feminine turned legs and stretchers as they can be highlighted and accented in such pleasing ways with paint.

After thinking about several different paint combinations, I decided to work with the original color and paint over the orange with ASCP Old White and Graphite and then distress it in such a way that a bit of the orange paint could peek through. Why waste a good undercoat?

I painted two coats of Graphite and two coats of Old White on the turned wood sections to accent it. I lightly distressed the highlighted areas, finished the piece with ASCP clear soft wax.

I surprised even myself. I actually like this look!

Lessons learned from this piece:

  • Loosen up and go with the flow. Let the right brain taken over and let the left side of the brain take a nap.
  • When I let go of some of my need for perfection in painting some good things will happen.
  • I’m beginning to better understand that this style of painting is “a little bit country” and that this style is not meant to be precise and perfect but loose and shabby chic.

Now the questions is, an I stay in this place?

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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