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Long-Legged Entry Table Before and After

This painted walnut, vintage, long-legged table was purchased from a private owner who found it in her cottage when she bought it. My guess is that at one time it was working table in a kitchen or a pantry. It came to me with a shiny, mostly likely oil base yellow paint on it, with undercoats of olive green.

We found a label still glued to the bottom that announced it is a highly collectible Haywood-Wakefield Company piece in their Early American style. While most collectors know the more modern line of Haywood-Wakefield this company also made a line of Early American furniture called Old Colony which was a big seller in the mid-century

A working table seems to need a scale and oil lamps!

The paint was stripped from the top and sanded. The top was stained in a walnut Minwax stain. I find the groves in the top and the round-over grove along the outside four edges quite visually interesting. I painted the drawer inside and the round trim on the legs the same subtle blue/green accent color.

The vintage table “before.”

The undercoat was painted in CCC Hershey Brown, followed by a coat of CCC Alaskan Tundra green.  I custom mixed a third color using CCC Maine Blue, Tundra Green and Smoky Mountain.  I was aiming for a lighter blue-green color to go over the Tundra Green as I think that blue-green tones look beautiful next to walnut wood stain. I planned to apply this third layer in a dry brush method to enhance the texture.  I used a 99 cents chip brush to add to the texture as well. Once dry, I oh so lightly distressed the piece using a wet towel.  Just a tiny bit of yellow and brown paints show through for a very subtle chippy effect. Just how I like it!

My goal was lots of brush strokes, lots of layers and lots of texture. Oh, aren’t I getting adventuresome!

I completed the top sealing it with a Verathane brand, water based poly in matte finish for extra protection.

Drawer with original brass pull lightly cleaned but with a nice patina left.

Table Dimensions are:

36″ wide

32″ tall

16 1/2″ deep

My husband is encouraging me to buy a new drawer pull as he thinks the brass pull that came with it is too modern. But I like it and think it should stay. I do have a glass pull that I could use, but think that glass makes it too dressy for a workhorse table like this. What do you think?

Small House / Big Sky Donna

My hand-painted furniture transformations and handmade papers can be purchased at the following three West Michigan locations:

1)      ALLEGAN, MI: Allegan Baker Studios, 148 Mill District Road, Allegan, MI 49010. Contact 269-903-6883, or

2)      GLEN, MI Farmhouse Chic, 6998 114th Ave., Glen, MI. The shop is located in the old Glen fire station next door to the Conklin Real Estate office. From South Haven, take Blue Star Highway North to 114th Ave. (the main four corners in Glen) and turn right. The shop is on your right hand side. To e-mail shop contact farmhousechic6996@yahoocom or call cell: 616-403-4576.

3)      SOUTH HAVEN, MI Transformations Art Barn, 81 Blue Star Highway, South Haven, MI 49090, 269-214-4147. More details can be found on their Facebook page at or

My furniture piece are painted with either Annie Sloan or CeCe Caldwell’s eco-friendly chalk paint and protected with multiple coats of soft wax. Some are hand-distressed for a gently aged, shabby-chic look; some are dry brushed for an antiqued, one-of-a-kind feel. Both paints are100% Natural and biodegradable without VOC’s or harmful chemicals.

Keep in mind that vintage or antique furniture transformations may have nicks, bumps or slight inperfections. This is part of theicharacter and charm and I embrace their diversity, beauty and character.  Please understand that handcrafted products are likely to have slight variations in color, texture or finish.




  1. Love this!! I also take old furniture and paint it! Love taking the old and making it new!!!

    • Thank you so much for your great enthusiasm and for your “like.” As you said, “It sure is fun taking the old and making it new.” Right on sister!
      Thank for stopping by the small house under the big sky! Come back whenever you can. Small House / Big Sky Donna

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