Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 30, 2012

Loot From Annual Labor Day Sale

Today I attended a Labor Day weekend’s Porter’s Estate Sales on a farm a couple of miles from my home. This is kind of tradition for my husband and I. He likes to look for old tools and is always on the lookout for a hardy (a special blacksmithing tool.)

This is one of the biggest sales I’ve ever been too, short of Shipshewana, IN. Wagon after wagon load of items, furniture, glassware, tools and lots of junk comes tractored out of the barns and set out on the big lawn.

I was there by 7 a.m. at first light and before it got hot. I was obviously in competition with another painter as she was grabbing the low-cost furniture items just like me! I had made a decision to not buy anything that cost more than $20.00 per piece as paying too much equals too high of a price tag + consignment fee’s and then it makes it too difficult to sell.

Today’s Rules:

1)      Pay no more than $20.00 for any one item

2)      Only buy items that can be cleaned up and painted, quickly and easily.

I was also looking for items that did not need too much work in the wood shop as the wood shop is pretty backed-up right now.

I brought home six items, overall spending just $63.00. Everything fit in today’s rules except the little sewing table that was just too sweet to pass up even though it broke today rule of needing some replacement veneer.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photographs of the event because I was in competition with another woman who was also buying smaller furniture items. I was looking at her loot as she was looking at mine. I looked at several items that were not priced and when I went back, she had them in her pile!

Guess you win some and you lose some….

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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