Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | September 19, 2012

Crazy About Scarecrows!

Yes, I am totally gaga about scarecrows. Scarecrows just mean fall to me.

When the White Oak Studio and Gallery was open I made scarecrows every autumn and created “scarecrow vignettes” that would capture the attention of drivers passing by to tickle the heart of customers. Yes, I was trying to lure them into the gallery but these vignettes were also an expression of creativity for me and always fun to create. I pulled these images from the archives to share.

Customers would arrive and take each others photographs with the scarecrows and then ask me to take their photograph together as well. It was just plain old-fashioned fun.

The scarecrow points the way!

It was also a low-cost a unique form of decoration that was fun and funky depending on how I dressed them. I use to shop Goodwill, garage sales throughout the year (and my own closet) and the running joke was that I spent more on my scarecrows clothing than I did on my own.

Mr. & Mrs. Scarecrow made by my Godson, Daniel.

I liked to add pumpkins, corn stalks and ditch flowers (flowers like cattail, Joe Pie Weed, Black Eyed and brown Eyed Susan’s, goldenrod and the like that I gather from the roadside ditches around my rural home) to the vignettes. Colorful mums were another fall treat for my curb appeal as well. (More about fall curb appeal in a future post.)

Hope you enjoy these scarecrows and are maybe even inspired you to make one of your own!

Small House/ Big Sky Donna


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