Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 9, 2012

Photo Styling Adventures

I’ve been awful quiet of late in the small house under a big sky between winterizing chores and a long bought with the flu.

Just before I was sick, I had the pleasure of styling a friends art gallery so that she could improve her website and Facebook accounts with updated promotional photographs. With my 30 year background in advertising and marketing, I’d been after her to photograph and place pictures of her quaint gallery barn, nice sign and her lovely gardens on FB and on her website.  She is a photographer after all!

 The Karen Murphy Photo Gallery, South Haven, MI

Knowing her building and grounds I pretty much had decided what I wanted to style and to photograph. I designed it ahead of time in my mind and she picked up the mum’s, corn stalks and pumpkins. When I got there I just had to put things in place and photograph.

I’d had a very hectic few months here on my property, and have been overload from the four-month long  road construction noise and chaos that I got so busy packing props, that I neglected to empty my camera’s card and when I got to my friends home my camera’s card was still full. Duh! I wasn’t able to use my point and shoot. No problem, I’d rather use her high-end Cannon digital anyway!

Another view of the barn gallery from the gardens.

She had two nie digital cameras; one small, light and portable, and the second one, a Cannon heavier with adjustable lenses.

A rural art gallery decorated simply for autumn.

Karen has a bum shoulder and is limited in lifting, so took the majority of the photographs and that brought back some good memories of the days I was a writer and photographer for newspapers, photographing people and places. I sure do miss my photography and can’t wait until I earn enough from my furniture painting to buy my own new Cannon Rebel.

It was a creative and fun day. The weather, sky and leaves were perfect.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Wow this looks amazing. I love the foliage and styling. Great job!

  2. Hey Arzea, thanks so much for your sweet comment. Its been so beaufitul here this fall in Michigan it almost makes us forget what is coming…s-n-o-w!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

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