Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 14, 2012

Distress for Success-Shizzle Design Style

I am on my way to Byron Center, MI today for a five-hour painting workshop, “Distress for Success-Shizzle Design Style.” This workshop is being given by the Michigan queen of the texturized painting technique, Shelly Andrade, Shizzle Design.

Nine students will study Shelly’s fabulous painting techniques and learn a few trade secrets to turn blah furniture into some seriously jazzy stuff!

I’m hoping to turn this faded, scratched and worn looking parlor table below into something special for my three-seasons porch. I’ll give more details about the workshop as well as share photographs later this week.

Seriously scratched and with lots of watermarks, this veneered table top has now been sanded down for staining.

This table was purchased about a decade ago from its South Haven owner for $40.00. It resided in an unheated attic for many years before it came to be part of the former White Oak Studio & Gallery and then later moved ito my homes three-season’s porch.

My husband, the woodworker, thinks this wood is walnut as it has, in his words, “an incredible figure to it.” He says the technique used to create this type of pattern is to slice the wood in a “butterfly wing” style and lay it down in a mirror image to enhance the look of the grain.

The “Before” parlor table with carved legs and stretchers.

Whatever the technical style is called, this top is a diamond in the rough just waiting to shine.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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