Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 15, 2012

Painting Workshop – Distress to Success

This student under-painted her frame and French provincial side table in white and then used Kentucky Mint and special brush strokes to create a lot of texture.

I was great afternoon yesterday at the Create Your Own Masterpiece Shizzle Style – Shizzle Design Painting Workshop, given by Shelly and her sister Cathy of Shizzle Design.

Shelly (on left) works with a student on creating a subtle texture for her three-drawer chest.

I consider Shelly a friend and I have been begging her to give a surface design workshop to enlighten us on her unique texturizing method of painting. If you’ve seen her work, you’ll know just how unique and special her painting style is,

This student worked with Kissimmee Orange to paint her vintage oak cabinet.

Eight students from around the area gathered in Shelly’s garage in Byron Center, MI to paint with CeCe Caldwell’s eco-friendly paint and to watch Shelly demonstrate various paint texturizing methods.

This student used a base layer of Hershey Brown and a top coat of Cottonwood Sienna to create her highly textured final look.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I am alone in my studio painting and it is just so much fun to paint in community.

I also discovered that Shelly has an enviable amount of support from her family. Her mom and aunt made us a gourmet homemade lunch of potato and ham soup and pasta salad, and her husband made a roaring fire for us while we ate lunch and chatted.

My personal goals were to learn more about layering and texturizing options to give that great look of “dimension” and to be able to add more pizzaz to my own hand-painted furniture pieces when desired.

It was a delightful day – thanks Shelly!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. How fun!

  2. It was a great afternoon!

  3. Awe thanx Donna, what an awesome post!! I didn’t even realize you took any pictures, and I thought I took more than I did. I have to get pictures of the finished pieces; everything turned out so amazing and you are a true delight! Hope to see you again soon. Maybe sometime we can meet in Allegan and go picking. What was the name of the heater you recommended for my space?

    • Your on. Lets go to an auction maybe or meet at B & C Emporium and look at vintage hardware and then have lunch. Name the date!

  4. Donna, do you mind if I share this post on my page and with CeCe?

    • Please feel free to share this post in any way that works for you. You know how I am about marketing promotions! Go for it girl!

      Small House / Big Sky Donna

  5. Looks like you had a great time and I can’t wait to see your table after you get the top stained.

    • It was a wonderful day, so much fun to paint with others of a “like mind” and to share ideas and individual history.
      My piece didn’t turn out anything like I had planned, but instead I took Shelly’s advice and went with that. A bit of sanding and some stain and I think it will be a “showpiece.” The top has a beautiful butterfly grain to it. This week we are busy grinding out recently cut down tree stumps (like two dozen trees!) and moving the sawdust and replanting perennials before the frost so the table will have to wait until we get those fall chores completed. (sigh.) Such is life on a 5-acre parcel!

  6. How fun!! She is awesome isn’t she? Thanks for sharing!

    • This was such a great day so much fun to be creative in community. Yes, Shelly is talented and awesome!
      Thanks for stopping in the small house under the big sky!
      Small House / Big Sky Donna

  7. What a wonderful work…You much have had a great time in doing this creative work.

    • Thank you so much for your kind compliment. Yes, it was a fun and memorable day! Hope to do it again sometime.

      Small House / Big Sky Donna

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