Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 16, 2012

Teed’s Grocery and Meats – Where Time Stands Still

Before I was born, my grandparents on my maternal side (Donald and Mildred Maile) ran a country store in Schoolcraft, Michigan. As a result, old-fashioned country stores have always held a special place in my heart.

This past weekend, I was driving through rural Burnips, MI on my way to a painting workshop and I spotted this old country store. The day was rainy and overcast but the autumn leaves were full of color and the overcast day actually made photographing this old country store almost perfect.

When I peaked in the window the place is still filled with the old, oak country store display cases, furniture, junk, advertising memorabilia and lots of hidden treasures. My heart began to seriously pound… Please I want in to shop!

Unlock this door and walk into a movie set ready to film.

A quick search revealed that Burnips is an unincorporated community near the center of the township at 42°43′55″N 85°50′22″W / 42.73194°N 85.83944°W / 42.73194; -85.83944. It was first known as Salem Center. James Burnips was a local landowner and built the first store there in 1856. He began selling lots of land for building in 1858. A post office named “Burnip’s Corners” opened in 1868, and the name was changed to “Burnips” in 1915. The ZIP code is 49314.

Peeling and cracked paint that a chippy paint lover would die for.

Love the wear and tear on this place! Like it literally hasn’t been touched in years.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. as a boy I have always wanted to go into this store. My family and I moved to Hopkins just off of 136 Avenue, down the road from Sandy Pines, back in 1988. This store has always fascinated me as it has stood the test of time. Here I am at the age of 34 wanting still to this day to go into Teeds.

  2. i also would love to go in and look around very fascinated by that store

    • I hear you. I am dying to go in and to have a whole day just to photograph the inside and do sets up and vignettes of the great old wares… This should be a set for a TV show, for sure!

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