Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 17, 2012

My Photographic Adventures

For more than thirty years I was a freelance writer and photographer for newspapers and magazines throughout SW Michigan. At one point I was freelancing for fifteen of them. Of all the careers I have had (high school teacher/writer & photographer/small business owner/artist) freelancing was probably the one I enjoyed the most. I spent my days on the road interviewing and photographing people and then writing feature stories about their hobbies, projects, homes, travels and other adventures. It was a job I truly loved. Many of the people I interviewed remain my friends to today.

One side benefit of this work was that I could stop and take photographs for my own project on my way to and from interviews. Using one of three 35mm film camera, (one for black and white film, a second camera for color film and a third for black and white infrared film) I amassed quite a collection of images from along the byways of our great state.

This photographic collection that documents and chronicles an era between 1970 and 2000) ( both negatives and contact sheets) had now been donated to the Regional Archives at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI.) This collection resides along side of the photographic work of my father, Wendolin John Allgaier, who was a photographer during WW11.

Unfortunately that all changed when I sold my Kalamazoo home and Gene and I moved to Pullman, MI. My energy went into landscaping a 5-acre property, renovating a 1940’s ranch home, building a 950 sq. foot art gallery and beginning a new business. In the meantime photography made the transition from film to digital. But I miss my photographic adventure terribly.

When I made the decision to sign up for Facebook, one of the deciding factors was that I knew this could be a venue to share my photography once again. This fall I decided to photograph some of the barn of Allegan County. I wanted to do this while the fall color was bright and yesterday I took an hour to do just this. I drove along the country roads of Allegan documenting some of the beautiful and historic barns that have helped to make this agricultural community so successful.

May I present: The Barns of Allegan County 2012!

Gambrel roofed barn with lean-to. Located on 34th St., Allegan, MI

A mammoth barn nearly gone located near 109th Ave. and 34th St.

A collection of antique tools/stones adorns a barn located on 112th Ave.

This well-worn barn with attached block silo resides on 112th Ave.

This beautifully maintained gray barn is located at near 107th and 46th St.

This barn with metal roof and massive silo is located on 108th Ave., Chicora.

The pole barn located on 109th at 34th is surrounded by glorious mums.

Hope you enjoyed my photographic tour.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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