Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 22, 2012

Eight White Pines a Planting

Eight White Pine evergreens were delivered to my house this morning.

Staggered white pines awaiting planting near the small house under the big sky.

This was my natural green-screen (filled with Oaks, native Dogwood trees and Day Lilies that I planted) before twenty-five feet of growth was removed for the ditch.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know about the famous five springs of flooding, and the past five months of noisy construction activity putting in the flood control ditches. We lost a lot of trees to the flooding and even more green-screening to the ditching process.

During the flood: The view from the slider on my three-seasons porch. Water of about 12″ to 14″ sits on my sidewalk, gravel driveway and resided in our pole barn.

After the ditch was built but before the new White Pine evergreens were planted.

Erosion control cloth lines the ditch in front of my late 1940’s ranch style home.

I’m big on planting native plants on our 5-acre “farmette” so I picked out eight native White Pine evergreens last week to plant. I want to add some year-round greenery during the leafless winter months of Michigan snow and will plant them this week. Fall is the ideal time to plant in Michigan as we typically have plenty of rainfall now.

Last week I transplanted five Viburnum shrubs from a friend’s house that I had potted up last spring last spring in anticipation of this project. I had watered them daily and nurtured them through what the news media is calling the “The Drought of 2012.”

These Viburnums will grow and fill in and provide additional screening once they mature.

Pots of Viburnum shrubs await planting.

Today I mixed up garden carts full of soil using my homemade compost, bags of garden soil, and bark chips grindings from the branches of the pine trees that died in the flood. This woman-made soil will be mixed in with the soil from the sandy ground with a couple of inches of top soil thrown on top.  To that I’ll add some slow release fertilizer and lots of water.

My goal is to also add more green screening to try to give us back some of the privacy we lost to protect us from the traffic that carreens down the class A roadway that we live on. And more habitat for the songbirds too.

Mother Nature has been full of surprises of late. Flooding-drought…I can only wonder what is next!  (Though, if asked, I admit that I have had enough climate related surprises and change for a lifetime these past five years.)

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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