Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | November 12, 2012

Chalk Paint Transforms a Gentleman’s Dresser

I took advantage of the wonderful warm up in Michigan this weekend. I painted and waxed outside! Love that natural outdoor sunlight!

I finished off this hard-maple gentleman’s dresser made by Stanley that was purchased from a nice couple in Zeeland, MI earlier this summer. It had been in their son’s room and apparently someone had spilled a glass of water on the top and ruined the finish. In addition, one of the knobs needed to be repaired. Guess they weren’t much into DYI so they sold it on Craig’s List rather than redo it themselves.

A missing knob and a ruined top didn’t deter me from purchasing this dresser to redo.

The “After” of the dresser painted in custom mix color of chalk paint.

The three-drawer dresser “Before” its make-over.

Here a close up of the top of the dresser with the water ruined finish.

The dimensions of this three drawer dresser are 30″ tall X 30” wide X 18” deep.

My dear husband stripped and sanded the top down to its beautiful, tight grain and repaired the original wooden knob. I wished I had some CCC Michigan Pine but I did not. So I mixed my own.

I taped the piece off and I painted the frame of the dresser in a custom mix of CCC paint. I mixed some CCC Alaskan Tundra with AS Graphite to darken it down a bit, stained the top in Colonial Maple Verathane stain to match the drawers and base board.  I then finished it in AS clear wax.

I liked how this piece turned out but mostly I’m tickled pink to have finally made space in my studio for a permanent wall to photograph finished pieces, indoors. And, just in time for winter!

This piece is for sale at White Oak Studio, $100.00. Keep on painting!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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