Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 3, 2012

Horse Reiki


Friend Mary Decker and her horse at Willow Creek Stables.

I feel like I am beginning an amazing and unexpectedly creative journey giving Reiki to horses. There has definitely been a touch of synchronicity to this.

It began when I visited Sundance Ranch in Fennville, MI last week and happened upon a mare name Juniper.  I was invited to curry her and after a few minutes of using the brush, I realized I REALLY needed to touch her with my hand. So much more satisfying! That soon led to my experimenting on this horse with Reiki.

I have studied the human energy system the past two years and have been certificated for Reiki I and Reiki II. I’ve practiced on my dogs and humans but hadn’t yet considered working with horses.

A horse’s chakra system is very similar to humans and when I touch their backbone I feel the horse’s energy surging through. I also sometimes feel it racing into me, something I consider a wonderful side-effect.

We shall see where this journey may lead me.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. I would like you to work on my other horse when you have time and my friend Lyn would also like you to work on her mare.

    • Great news, very exciting! Monday’s, Wednesdays and Friday’s are my most open days. Gene is home most MWF days and I don’t have to worry about getting home for dogs. Most Monday’s after yoga is a great day for me to drive to Bangor, if that works for you. Next Monday, 12-10, I am available-11:30 to noonish timeframe.

      Do you want to give me Lyn’s name/number and I can work things out with her? Is her mare in the same stable?

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