Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 11, 2012

Vintage Mid-Century Firkin Knitting Bucket Makeover

My county, Allegan County, Michigan, is a huge fiber production and use area due to many years of work by the Michigan Fiber Festival that takes place each summer at the Allegan County Fairground. Open land, farmers and farms means sheep, alpaca, goats, rabbits and other fiber producing animals which also translates to lots of fiber that is grown, processed, sold and utilized here.

So when I spotted this rough firkin bucket-style knitting bucket with a flip top at a barn sale I scooped it up. I felt I had a way for all those Allegan County knitter’s to have a place to store their skins of yarn and easy way to access them.

I’ve discovered that a lot of the success of selling hand-painted furniture is making a “good match” – the piece to the right market, and, I just “knew” the Allegan was the place for this piece.

PicMonkey Collage firkin jpeg

I bought this all-wood piece with three turned legs and then painted it using Annie Sloan’s Old Red chalk paint and Ce Ce Caldwell’s Michigan Pine finished and protected in soft clear wax. I left the inside unpainted and gave it a solid coat of furniture wax and filled it with coordinating red and blue-toned yarns.


This rough top soaked up the chalk paint 1,2,3!


The “Before” photograph of the knitting bucket prior to its transformation.


Photographed from the top down this image shows the painted and waxed patina.


Colorful and coordinating yarns set the stage for an attractive package.

I took this to my outlet, Made in Allegan, Allegan, MI., where it sold as a Christmas gift bought by a granddaughter for her grandmother who loved how it looked and the fact I brought back many wonderful memories.  Isn’t that what this work is all about?

I just love making memories!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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