Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 29, 2012

Small House Family Room Presto Chango

I finally decided to bring over a painted maple three drawer dresser from my art studio to my family room. The top had been heavily sanded and refinished, and the frame was freshly painted in CeCe Caldwell’s Alaskan Tundra Green and clear waxed. The drawers were left alone. I choose the green color because I knew it would go nicely with the maple toned wood. I had not planned the color to match my room, but it turns out the dresser color does fit in well.


Sitting between the two front house windows, this three-drawer dresser now provides beauty and storage in our family room.


The final vignette that I created after the switch out. Note: the blue Ball jar filled with Petosky stones turned lamp.

I also moved one of my original collages made of handmade paper on canvas with an image transfer panel to the spot above the dresser. I like the texture of the handmade paper canvas and the oval linen tablecloths turned curtain swags. (I’ll be painting out those golden swags soon!) The linen table clothes were a $6.00 close out at Wal-Mart’s. With two large Labrador Retreiver who like to sit and look out these windows and dog hair, floor length curtains panels do not work here.


This is the other side of my family room with its deep red painted walls to make a cozy corner. The room to the left of this corner is my home office.

In the spot where this dresser now resides, a green stained, wooden bookshelf use to sit. I moved the bookshelf across the room outside of my office door and store my granddaughters books and toys on it. This subtle shift gave us a lot more storage, more organization and the furniture switch out just feels good too.


Bookshelf turned toy shelf now sits outside of my home office replacing rustic wooden crate storage.

This room has two walls that are painted in a deep red tone. I need color in a home that looks out at white snow six months of the year. The red and green are complimentary colors and the deep rich red and the light and airy sea foam green furniture may not be the latest in style but work for us here.

And above all, more space and more organization approaching the new year can’t be all bad!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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