Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 2, 2013

Bye Bye Holiday Decorations – Hello Clean House!

I leave my holiday decorations up until the day after New Year’s, as it seems the most festive thing to do. This year a friend came over for New Year’s Day; we ate, enjoyed the hot tub and played dominoes. I liked having the candles burning and the twinkly lights on for her visit.


Today is the day of reckoning however as all the decorations are coming down and a quick clean-up is taking place. Like starting out with a new slate. Tomorrow the deep “spring cleaning” (that I do in early winter) begins. I go at this slowly…aiming for one deeply cleaned room a week. That way I can still keep up with my from scratch cooking, yoga, furniture painting, family obligations, a large landscaped  yard and the care of a husband and two large dogs.

At age 62, I just don’t work as fast as I use to or do as much in a day as I once did.

It’s taken some adjustments and a genuine “letting go” to allow myself to slow down my pace t what is healthy. I use to be a energizer bunny taking on more in one day than any one person should but no more. The cost on my health was too great. And at this age health is priority number one!!

Let’s tip our glass of prune juice (not!) to a clean house!!

Small  House / Big Sky Donna



  1. I just did that yesterday! It feels good to have a clean slate again! Happy New year! Traci

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