Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 17, 2013

Bounty of the Forest

It was an amazingly gorgeous day outside today.

Because it was so warm and beautiful I was inspired to go into the Allegan Forest and cut some Juniper branches for holiday decorations. Do you know the Juniper shrub, the low growing kind of Juniper with the long branches filled with lovely blue berries? There is a whopper of a bush in a special place in the forest not far from my home and it is so huge (as big around as a small house) no amount of prudent cutting will ever affects its size. Today I cut just 6 branches.

When ever possible I prefer to use natural materials in and around my home. Not only do I like being out in nature scouting them, I love the way these gifts from nature look and smell.

I had already cut some rose hips a few days ago. I usually prefer the red berries of Michigan Holly but am not finding anything in bloom this year. I can only assume the drought of 2012 severely affected holly production. I did cut some gigantic rose hips cuttings just to have something with red berries on them.

Then I came home and arranged the greenery and rose hips in an old nail barrel. I posed them on the playhouse and then moved them to the front stoop of the house.

NOTE: if you come to visit me, come in the side porch slider; don’t try to come in my front door as those rose hips are lethal!

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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