Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 31, 2013

The Case for a Ban on Fracking

A lot of my time this month was spent on social activism – spreading the word about the fracking activities that is coming to our county. While this does not have  to do with hand-painting of furniture, it has EVERYTHING to do with the quality of life my husband and I have worked hard to build here. Not only have we invested our limited money, we have invested years of hard physical labor improving the 5-acres we call White Oak Acres. This is our home and place of work.

The governor of Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder, recently signed a bill in favor of allowing fracking in parts of the Allegan Forest near us – on state-owned land. Because we live rurally and do not have one main newspaper or much television coverage in our area, it is not easy to get the word out about such things here. And I’ve been staging a one-woman attack using Facebook, making phone calls, writing letters to the editor and spreading the word to neighbors found within my community.

Fracking in the case you’re not aware, is the mining process to extract shale level natural gas from sources that were previously considered uneconomical to access. According to a 2011 Cornell University study found that burning shale gas release more greenhouse gas pollution than burning conventional gas or oil. In addition, Methanol, formaldehyde and carbon disulfide are known air pollutants found near fracking sites.  Also, a 2011 Duke University study found potentially explosive levels of methane in water near natural gas well in New York, Pennsylvania and the nonprofit group ProPublica identified more than 1,000 cases of water contamination near drilling sites in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming.


After twelve years of hard work and major investments in our home and property to create a quality life here for our retirement, I am more than irate about this decision made in Lansing by bureaucrats without taking the needs and interest of the people who live nearby into the formula.

This is another case of rural America being disenfranchised due to lack of adequate voice, poverty and the short-term thinking on the part of the Governor who sees the natural resources of our rural farming and tourist area as a way to make up the shortfall of income at the State Capitol. And a country that sees plentiful gas and oil as its God-given right.


So short-sighted to believe that the natural resources mined here, and the waste created by that mining will not affect our tourism or food grown here, both of which are a major sources of income for the state of Michigan.

We moved here because of the undeveloped area, so that would could have control over growing out own food and to have a better chance of living in less polluted air and water. I’ve also spent a lot of time researching the fracking process and do not like the results.

Frankly, I am pissed. Stay tuned.




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