Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 19, 2013

Exterior Improvements 01: The Three-Season’s Porch:

This three-season’s porch was an amazing gift and a true blessing from above.



Two winter views of our porch. The porch faces North and takes advantage of the shade from our large White Oak trees and the breeze that blows off of Lake Michigan, 10 miles to the east.

In our old city house we had a very large redwood desk we had built in the early 1970’s. This deck overlooked our small woods on a hill – one of the best assets of our double city lot. We built our two-section deck over the course of two summers and it was located off my small family room (really just an old knotty pine sun porch that we put some heat vents in to use year-round) which was located off of the narrow galley kitchen. I liked that I could look out my kitchen sink window over the deck to the woods and see the comings and goings of my household.

Our back yard was built at the top of on hill and offered an almost non-existent postage stamp size backyard- just a patch of grass really that was uneven and unable to hold even a table and chairs. The deck gave us a large flat space to eat, play, and entertain. We literally live on that deck. We ate at last two meals a day there on a modest glass topped table bought from Sears; we used it as a place to sunbathe, entertain, relax, to a place for my two sons to play.

When we moved, I knew I would miss that deck and its privacy terribly but thought we’d just use the cement patio in the new house the same old way. Little did I know that the bugs (mosquitoes) here were so bad that they would drive us right back into the house. Ten minutes after we got out food set up those pesky mosquitos drove us back inside I found myself stuck in the house and depression hit.


An inside view of our porch during “porch season.” The green chairs in the fore ground is where we sit to read. The table and chair on the right hand side is where we eat most all of our meals.

One day Gene arrived home from work and was so excited. He had just been handed a check for a significant amount of money for all of the sick days he had not taken over a 32 year period that he had worked at the city of Kalamazoo. It was enough to allow us to put on a sun porch. I was I heaven.


A garage sale lazy Susan on our table holds treasure’s; stones, driftwood, and flowers.

Because I am an outdoor person, (I’d rather be outside than inside) this porch has saved my sanity over the years and it is my favorite room in our home. When the weather I nice this is where we eat, read, entertain and basically live in it from June through October.


A funky junk style vignette on a chippy old bench.

That check was enough to allow us to build this porch, pour the Riverrock flooring and buy the basic furniture for it.


A summer view of the back of our home. The porch juts out in the rear behind the ornamental grasses that provide privacy for the hot tub.

Thank you Gene for being such a hard and loyal worker!!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Love your house! Nice to meet a fellow middle aged artist 🙂

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