Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 20, 2013

Making Photo/Graphics

SHBS Banner 5 shadow into Light grayToday I worked on creating a number of new promotional photo/graphics for the business end of White Oak Studio Designs and The Small House Under a Big Sky blog.

I sort of knew how to use PicMonkey as I have been photo editing and making collages with it for most of a year now. But I never had the time to really delve into the program or to work on higher end graphics or to figure out how to put text over photographs to make banners or graphics for my blog.

I have wanted to improve my modest and very basic blog for some months now and winter is the time of year for me to do these kinds of things. It’s funny because in the old days when I owned the Words & Pictures, A Communications Agency I use to specify all kinds of logos, collateral materials, graphics, newsletters layouts and more. But this was in the day before blogs, the Internet and the free PickMonkey program.

Today I made these banners. I’m happy with these. I think they “sing.”

WOSD Banner 114 grayWOSD Shadow into Light gray 82 jpeg

And played around with adding some text to my small house photo’s that is typically seen at the top of my blog. Not satisfied with this one yet.


Okay, but a little big in scale, I think.


Better…simple and clean and yet memorable.


And these…

4 photos wWOSD banner jpeg jpegStudio Banner 5 jpeg

It’s a thrill to create a photo/graphics that work.

Do you have a favorite? Let’s vote!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Hi Donna! I like the letters under the house. They look “grounded.” Lol, but I actually mean that. I put the photo staging advice from your post into practice on my latest post. Tell me what you think?

    • Hi Leslie, Thanks for the vote. I agree totally. In fact, I just made the change on my header photo ad I’m real happy with how it looks. Just wish I hadn’t taken so long to do it! lol.

      Now I need to figure out how to get my actual photograph into the blog sidebar (right hand side). I try but get a message telling me it takes up too much space. Haven’t been able to figure out a get-around.

      Am writing a styling part four now…..showing do’s and don’t. Using my own poor examples of styling as I was learning. Figure I can poke fun at my own work. Funny!

      I’ll check out your blog changes too when I get a chance.


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