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Master Bedroom: Caledon Green Brings Outdoors In

Bedroom collage 900 X 615 jpeg

A sampling of views of our master bedroom.

Small House Under a Big Sky is decorated with mostly neutral colored walls with single painted walls of color in several rooms.  The one exception is our master bedroom. All four walls in this room are painted a soothing and calming caledon green. Read on to find out why.

My homes color choices have been inspired by the land that surrounds us; the forest, the fields, the marshes and the lakes. I’ve painted our walls a mix of neutral almond with single accent walls in red, terra cotta and our home is decorated overall in shades of forest green, reds and terra cotta. Warm maple wood in my kitchen and laundry room add warm tones and interest to the balance.

Grounding each room is the unified light oak, linoleum floor planking throughout right up to the west two bedrooms cream carpet. Our custom linoleum flooring is a pattern of three different widths of strips that met my criteria of being a “green” product because it has no oil-based materials in it. I replaced the old dark brown carpet with a light floor to help our rooms looker lighter and larger.

I chose earthy autumn colors in every room to keep the focus on bringing the out-of-door view inside. I believe that interior color in snow-swept Michigan is important to keep ones mood high rather than low. Color is so wonderful to achieve a feel of nature and it’s just so much easier for me to get through the long winter months indoors when there are things inside that feel of nature.


A $35.00 second hand shop framed print hangs over our campaign style waterbed with book storage headboard. While I dream of new bedroom furniture, I do love the sleeping comfort of  our old waterbed!

My goal in our home is to create a VINTAGE looking personal space inspired by the natural beauty of our country property overlooking gardens and our majestic 150-year-old White Oak trees. Our home is done up in a casual and texture-rich way created mainly for comfort and above all to hold up to our out-of-doors lifestyle with pool, vegetable garden, working Labs and grandchildren.

In this three bedroom ranch home, the larger of two western most bedrooms is our master. The other is our guest bedroom and the small third one, located on the opposite ide of the house is converted into my office/Reiki treatment room.


Our bedroom sit on the west side of our 1940’s Ranch home facing the woods. We have two double-hung windows in the corner of the room for light and airflow.

Our bedroom is approximately 17 ft. X 14 ft.  and is decorated in calming celadon green, with soft gold’s and touches of rust in our accesories. I’m a very light sleeper with an overactive mind (must wear earplugs every night!) and any noise or light will push me awake and then I’m done sleeping for the night. So my “restful retreat” bedroom décor was selected to assist in quieting my mind, blocking out light and sounds and to help lull me to sleep and keep me there.

I painted the walls in a custom mixed deep celadon green (Benjamin Moore Wyeth Blue) with a yellow/gold wash over it. The louvered doors of the closet and surrounding trim is painted in a soft golden yellow paint to play off the yellow wash found on the walls

Our corner windows are curtained with gold-toned sheers, blackout curtains and pull down shades to subdue the light and exterior sounds. I created a tiny reading nook there by adding my old nursing rocker and a vintage, oval, wood sewing stand (that I am thinking of hand-painting a deep green w/clear wax) that holds my gardening magazines and idea notebooks.


The small reading nook near the windows provides me with a place to sit, read and dream.  An antique shop lamp with new shade and my special crystals bring a touch of me to the space.

Our bed spread and pillow shams come in a country “quilt style” from Orvis chosen for their colors, durability and Orvis’s impeccable guarantee. I would have loved a soft feminine spread but since we sleep with dogs and the quilt gets washed once a month, I needed a spread with a pattern and colors that would not show dark dog hair.  I also needed to know that if anything goes wrong with it, Orvis will replace it, no questions asked.


Our bookcase headboard while not beautiful, keeps our reading materials close at hand.


The view into our bedroom from the living/dining area. I like how the shape of the top of the Chippendale secretary in the hallway between the two West bedrooms mimics the armoire shape in our bedroom. I use oriental carpets and runners throughout our home for visual warmth and for safety.

The oak framed waterbed, dresser and bedside tables came from my husband’s single years and although I’d love to replace them it has not been in our budget to do so. However, I was able to purchase a new armoire to hold my clothes and made that the focal point of the room. Since our bedroom is located off of our living/dining area, I like that the green walls and attractive dark wood armoire stands out when looking down the hallway towards the bedroom.

The south wall holds our closet with louvered wood doors painted and trimmed in the yellow gold. The carpet is a cream blend that I chose because it looks good next to the light linoleum flooring that abuts it. I would have preferred to run the linoleum right into and through the bedroom (duel allergies) but the carpet and pad were nearly new and our budget was tight.


As an artist, my plan is to create a kind of home gallery for artwork throughout (mine and others) and the bedroom is no exception.


Suzi Lattener original oil painting, my hand-cast handmade paper bowl form and a mid-century modern stool with great legs.

From my bed “The Command Center,” I look at my Suzi Lattner, original 24” X 36”oil painting (that I bartered for) and named, “Big Sky Country,” (Sound familiar?)

Our home is not a chandelier type of home and anyway, I’m not up for that kind of dusting and upkeep with open windows bringing in dust and dirt. We have a practical and cooling ceiling fan in the bedroom, because without A/C it really comes in handy on warm summer nights.

All in all our bedroom is cozy, practical and soothing and while not magazine worthy it is quite frankly, right for us and our rural America lifestyle.

Thanks for taking the tour!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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