Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 5, 2013

Exterior Improvements-04 New Pool Well


The pool house garden at its best, an early spring view.


The new pool well being repaired.

One day the pool topped working. Investigations told us that we had a problem with the pool well.

Out in the ground pool is not at all fancy, in fact it is so basic, that I’m surprised it passes code! No heater, just a gunite pool put into h round and fenced in with chain length fencing. But on a very hot summers day, with no A/C in the house it sure is nice to take a dip in the cool pool.

One thing to know about living in the country with hot tubs, pools, pole barns, septic systems and drain fields there is always something that needs to be repaired or replaced. Country homes are money pits – buyer beware!

This is the year the pool well died. This is the well being fixed. Next we need to drain the pool and paint it. Not looking forward to that!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Found your link on Houzz with the dog stories. Loved your house, but your are right country homes are $$$ pits. After living for over 30 years in The Big Sky Country, we moved back to MS to take care of elderly mothers. We arrived with 2 cats and did not intend to increase our family, but God had other plans. We now have 6 cats and 5 dogs, all who found us. We would like to be free to travel, etc., but would no give up a one of our crew.
    Thanks for your interesting site.

    • I hear you! I think we either choose animals or traveling, hard to have both unless you have a great animal sitter or tons of money to pay the kennel bill! We are pretty much tied down here to the house and the dog and now we are also about to get chickens…crazy huh! We do have a very responsible dog setter who can come so at least we can have a short get away to see the NC grand daughters.
      Glad you found The Small House through Houzz. Love those dog stories!

      Donna at the Small House Under the Big Sky / SW Michigan

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