Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | March 23, 2013

Oval Mending Stand Make-Over

I have been off-line for more than a week. Our hard drive crashed…you know the drill. Repair, replace, reconfigure and retrieve data from Carbonite backup service, reload programs….What a pain! I’m back on track now!

I had planned on unveiling this green sewing stand for St. Patrick’s day…but of course that did not happen. However, if you read about my master bedroom “House Tour” post a few weeks ago,…gs   you might recall I mention I was thinking about painting the little oval storage unit pictured in my reading niche.

Though I’m not totally sure what this piece was made for but I am calling it a mending stand. I had used it in the “Power Room Gallery” for TP and paper towel storage when the White Oak Studio was open. I imagine that it originally held a stash of mending until the Mrs. was ready to work on it. Now have it sitting next to my old nursing rocker in my bedroom. Today it holds gardening magazines, articles, landscape drawings and my garden idea notebooks.


Mending stand “after” painted in CCC Michigan Pine green and waxed using ASCP dark wax directly over the green paint.


Wooden mending stand outside view “before.” Check out that shiny surface.


Wooden mending stand inside “before.” Close up of legs and carving details “before.”

Today my calendar was free so I emptied it, hauled it over to the studio and began painting. I painted the inside a soft green using the 50 cent color sample of eggshell wall paint my husband brought home from Menard’s.  There is one benefit to being married to the Menard’s paint mixing man! Then I used Cee Cee Caldwell’s Michigan Pine on the outside. I elected to leave some of the wood tones unpainted since I do have a lot of stained wood in my bedroom furniture. I also really like the contrast of paint to wood and find myself painting in this style a lot.


The chalk paint is on the stand but before any wax is used. I had lightly painted the vertical trim but decided I didn’t like it and wiped most of it off. I left some paint in the low areas because I liked it that way.


Two very light coats of green paint and one coat of dark wax directly over the green paint and I’m done. I REALLY like how the wax applied directly over the paint creates some nice texture and aging.


The mending stand is complete.

Thanks for checking in with the Small House Under a Big Sky!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Wonderful piece. I love the bit of green inside the vertical trim. I am working on several pieces now in Michigan Pine, only clear wax though.

  2. Thanks so much Boyne. I think I am developing my own style finally, a mix of stained wood and paint combined. This is the look I favor and what I find myself self drawn towards over and over again.

    I LOVE CCC Michigan Pine, one of my top five favorite colors. I think I have painted at least 5 pieces in Michigan Pine to date. Have you noticed the different shades of green it takes on with different types of wood? On some wood it goes dark green, but on others it turns out almost a teal green. So intriguing to me!

    I’ve waxed it with clear and dark wax. My personal preference is, if the wood is lighter (maple, tiger maple etc.) use light wax) and if the wood is darker I go with dark wax.

    If you are curious of how the Michigan Pine can look “different,” visit my blog or my FB page. The examples are all there. But of course, no right way or no wrong way….to each their own!!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

    • Michigan Pine just happened to look great on a few pieces I re-did for my guest bedroom. Having only chalk-painted for 6 months. I have yet to develop a style, but I do like the look of stained wood and paint together. In fact, I just did that on a laminated bookcase from Target, and it turned out better than I expected.

  3. Hope you post some of your painted pieces soon. I love to see what others are doing.

    • I will try to send you an email. Finally found an address for you. My computer does not like me posting comments on your blog! I usually have to rewrite several times.

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