Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 3, 2013

Hemp Oil Experiment on Maple Chair


Maple ladder back chair after being restored with Miss Mustard Seeds Hemp Oil.

I bought some MMM Hemp Oil a couple of months ago with the intent to use it on milk paint pieces. Then I noticed that one of my maple dining chair that sits year-round in the three-seasons porch was looking dry, dull and w-e-t! On that particular day my husband had apparently left one of the slider doors open and the rain came in. I found the chair dripping and spotted. URG!

I bought eight of these matching ladder back chairs and a maple drop leaf table about 35 years ago from an advertisement in the newspaper. I stripped and polyurethane them. (That’s what we did in those days!) I paid to have the chair seats replaced (four seat in a tan color for the dining room and four in a raspberry color to match a flowered rug in my bedroom.) After that I didn’t do a thing to them even though they have been heavily used in the cottage dining room, in bedrooms and family rooms, and as extra pull up chairs for over three decades.


A closer look at the shiny, smooth richness of the replenished wood. No more water spots!

I had already tried waxing this chair with Johnson’s Paste Wax (the tan color) to repair the water damage. It shined it up a bit in some areas but the dryness and water spots were still visible and not attractive. I have always enjoyed the warm glow of natural  maple wood unpainted, but splotchy water spotted spots….not so much!

Then I remembered the hemp oil I had planned to use on my bright blue milk painted dresser and mirror. Why not try that, I thought?


Look at that rich looking, burnished, glowing wood!

I used the hemp oil right on top of the Johnson’s Wax, crossing my fingers as I spread it in that the rather odd order in which I did this was not going to be a big mistake. Using an old dish cloth, I rubbed on two light coats of hemp oil, the chair wood soaked it right in and all the dryness disappeared, as well as the water spots.  The hemp oil magically brought back to life the tight golden-colored grain of the natural wood I love. Interestingly enough, having waxed the wood first didn’t seem to make any difference.

I’m sorry I did not take a photograph of the chair before, but I didn’t realize then that I would ultimately write about this on my blog. But here’s a few photographs of the chair after the hemp oil experiment. Looks like new!

I consider that experiment a success!

Thank for visiting.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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