Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 6, 2013

Back from Easter Break


This orchard with old shack is just down the road from my home in SW Michigan.

My posting has gone quiet of late. That is because we’ve been out-of-town visiting our NC grandchildren over Easter break. And, now I am washing clothes, unpacking and catching up. It was a fairly long break for us, 8 days in all, four of those being driving days.

I did spend one day junking in Charlotte at a number of Goodwill Stores but found nothing, nada. I would have purchased a pair of nice wooden bedside tables, a steal at just $5.99 each but unfortunately I knew that there wasn’t room in our Subaru. So, sadly, I walked away. There must be a lot of decorative painters shopping the Goodwill stores in Charlotte, NC!! I did find a great antiquing mall there filled with many beautiful items, but antique shops are mostly always out of my reach for resale.

We arrived home to find the Michigan snow almost all melted and the daffodils peeking their heads up out of the ground. That means tomorrow my yard work begins again. We have about 2 ½ acres of landscaped beds and gardens that need cleaning out and this year we have a LOT of extra catching up from the five-year flooding to do. In the flood years we simply had too much standing water, and pesky mosquitoes, to keep up with our normal spring projects, so many things have gone to the dogs, so to speak.

I’ll be busy cleaning leaves out of our stone beds while my dear husband fences in the raspberry bed and builds a chicken coop. I posted a “wanted” on Craig’s list and scored about 100 ft. of used chicken wire for just $25.00.

We also have 50 small white pines trees to plant this next week to create another wind break to the West. After Consumer’s Energy cut down 21 of our 27, seventy-five-year-old white pines, the western border of our property is looking pretty empty and bare. It isn’t likely at our age that we will see the benefits of those pines, but I know a future owner will appreciate having them replanted. And as the temporary stewards of White Oak Acres, one of my jobs is to think about how I can best manage this property for the future, even when that future will not include me in it.

My posts are about to become scarce but I will be back!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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