Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 8, 2013

Preparing for Drought

At the Small House we are preparing for drought.


This is a food grade IBC Tote that we will use to collect rainwater off of our pole barn roof.

Please know that I am not a doomsday prognosticator, but after last year’s severe drought in our geographic area combined with what I have been viewing on our “watch documentaries/get educated” efforts this winter, I see a drought in our future and many of yours.

Then there is also the scientific research that tells us that fracking for oil and minerals takes between 2 and 6 million gallons of groundwater out of the aquifer system…PER WELL. And each permit allows for the drilling of up to 10 wells per site. This is not good news, for multiple reasons but less available ground water is among the top reasons.

I’m very sad to say that against “the peoples will” (unfortunately we get no say as ground water is not regulated by the national government but by the state) the oil companies are going to start fracking for oil in at least two local areas near us, one just 10 miles and one other, 8 miles from us.  There goes our ground water. Scary!

I’m furious because we moved here because there was so little development. I figure I can put my head into the sand like an ostrich or I can get prepared. Getting prepared it is.

I found these food grade totes through an old business associate and a friend and my dear husband went on an adventure and bought us each two of them. Eventually they will be connected via PVC pipe and we will capture the rain water off the metal pole barn roof as if this is a giant rain barrel and divert it into the 275 gallon container. We will then use this captured water to irrigate our vegetable garden or to water the chickens. No wasted water, little if any electricity needed.

300 gallons of water is shed off every 1000 square foot of roof from a half-inch rainfall. Save on the cost of your water by collecting it. Most small rain barrels hold 40-80 gallons of water.

I’ll be documenting the eve’s trough, PVC pipe conversion. I will take photographs and make a “How to” post at some point. I’ll keep you posted how the adventure goes.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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